listening, responding, nourishing…

dedicated to the wellbeing of your mind, body and soul


physically, emotionally and spiritually

Restoring wellbeing holistically

Holistic massage therapies are essentially nurturing touch therapies, tailored and delivered with the intention of looking after your whole being. Received through clothes or with oil onto bare skin, holistic therapies draw on a range of strokes, styles and techniques to bring comfort, relaxation and relief.

Our emotions are body felt sensations. Stresses and anxiety are natural human responses. When we allow them to build up and overwhelm us they manifest themselves as pain and tension. Alternatively, soreness and stiffness has developed following exercise or a medical condition. Left unaddressed, muscle pain and fatigue can worsen, potentially leading to a downward spiral of uncorrected aches and pains. 

Taking time out to reconnect your precious being, revisit your breathing and relax into the caring sensation of human touch will help you rebalance physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I invite you to take some valuable time for yourself: to relieve, relax, realign and redress your physical, spiritual and emotional self.


Caroline’s warm professionalism and holistic approach makes her massages a truly spiritual experience.  You couldn’t be in gentler, safer hands. Thomasina, North Somerset

I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of receiving a full body massage from Caroline which made me feel calm and cared for and allowed my muscles a moment of joy. Nicola, Bristol

Caroline’s massage are both relaxing and invigorating – I always feel amazing afterwards. She’s really communicative before, during and after the massage so you can guarantee you’ll get exactly what you’re after. Caroline is a lovely person and great at offering a holistic experience; always kind and attentive. I can’t wait for my next massage!

Cat, Bristol

I received an incredible Indian Head Massage from Caroline. What an amazing woman. Warm, friendly, professional with a magical and intuitive touch. Thank you, Caroline. Looking forward to the next time.

Tina, Chew Magna

I had a series of great leg massages from Caroline after keyhole surgery on my knee. Her combination of massage strokes and pressures really released muscle soreness and tensions. Steve, North Somerset

… her massage flows in a way that is relaxing even to watch…great awareness and intuition…. Sarah, Bristol

Caroline’s Indian Head Massage is a revelation. If you hold tension in your shoulders, neck or scalp, this therapy is for you… very professional and in relaxing, calm surroundings… try it, you won’t be disappointed…

Ann, Langford

Massive thank you to Caroline for my pregnancy massage today, in the beautiful setting of Coombe Lodge. Will definitely be visiting a few more times before the baby arrives and afterwards!

BW, Blagdon